About WESE

The Waldorf Education Society of Edmonton (WESE) was founded on June 4, 2002. Our mission is to facilitate Waldorf Education in many forms within the City of Edmonton.

To support our community and the growth of Waldorf Education in Edmonton, we operate programs for interested families: Parent-Tot, Nursery school, Kindergarten, Grade 1 – 9, and Homeschool Arts Enrichment in the Waldorf Independent School of Edmonton. We also facilitate adult education through parent study groups, workshops, and support the growth of Waldorf education by holding Annual Festivals and Fundraisers. Most of all, we endeavour to nurture the children of our community through the principles of Waldorf education, which simultaneously supports us as families.

Since 2002, we have increased awareness and encouragement through monthly meetings, newsletters, and networking. We have formed study groups, childcare groups, playgroups, various puppetry and painting programs, and have facilitated the community in meeting together at seasonal festivals.

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